OVOSHINE | Ovoshine technology is being developed by several research institutes and SMEs around Europe.
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Ovoshine Technologie wird von verschiedenen Forschungsinstituten und KMU in Europa entwickelt.

Last September OVOSHINE project came to life. Partners met for the first time in Barcelona to review the financial rules regarding the FP7 Programme “Research for the Benefit of the SMEs”, the technical objectives of the project and other tasks of relevance to the success of this 36 month venture. This first meeting helped the Consortium shape the technical agenda for other future meetings in order to meet all the challenges and goals of the project on time.
OVOSHINE technology will provide the egg industry with a safe, cheap and reliable egg shell sterilisation system. The main objective of the OVOSHINE project is to develop a low cost, secure and fast UV system in combination with hot air to sterilize eggs.
OVOSHINE is co-funded by the European Commission and managed by the Research Executive Agency in Brussels and performed with the collaboration of different research organizations and SMEs from 6 different countries: Portugal, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway.