OVOSHINE | Ovoshine meeting in Stuttgart (Fraunhofer)
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Ovoshine meeting in Stuttgart (Fraunhofer)

Ovoshine meeting in Stuttgart (Fraunhofer)

OVOSHINE partners met in Stuttgart at the end of October to discuss the technical progress done in this first period of the project. Fraunhofer explained in detail their technical work performed throughout this first year of project and show the rest of the partners how the first piece of OVOSHINE prototype works. Ateknea and Nofima also presented the outcomes of the performed experiments to the rest of the consortium and commonly the steps for the coming six months were identified in line with the signed grant agreement tasks.

After a first long day, the partners had a guided tour of Fraunhofer facilities where they saw not just the first piece of OVOSHINE prototype but many other on-going projects that Fraunhofer is developing or assisting with.

Moreover, the partners drafted a first business plain in order to exploit OVOSHINE technology after the completion of this project. Costs, future investments, potential clients and other important business plan objectives where identified.


The consortium decided 151021_IGB_Ovoshine-03to meet again in late January to have a first demonstration session of the current OVOSHINE prototype.